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Call for Papers


Institute of Social and Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPR)


Institute of European Studies of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)


Institute of SOCIOLOGY of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)


WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (RAS), the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS), Russian Foundation for Humanities (RFH), Bureau of International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Moscow, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) IN THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS, HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR REFUGEES (UNHCR) held of international scientific-practical conferences of the project «MIGRATION BRIDGES IN EURASIA»


November 3rd, 2016 (Thursday)

International Conference

“Migration between the Russian Federation, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and ASEAN in the context of the new geopolitical realities and economic integration”

(Hanoi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam)


The main objectives of the project and the conferences are: 1) to bring together researchers, experts and officials involved in the study and practice of migration management in Russia and foreign countries; 2) expert evaluation and implementation of effective approaches and practices of migration management in foreign countries in the migration policy of Russia and the partner countries; 3) the development of the international research network of experts in the field of migration studies; 4) the development of international research of young researchers of migration and enrichment of Russian and foreign experience in the field of research and regulation of migration; 5) formation of a positive image of Russia and Vietnam as a countries regulating the migration on the basis of national legislation and international agreements.


Key issues proposed for discussion at the conference:


The following sections are planned in the international scientific-practical conference “Migration between the Russian Federation and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the context of the new geopolitical realities and economic integration” (Hanoi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam):

1. Migration in Vietnam and ASEAN in the context of geo-political, socio-economic and demographic transformations.

2. Labour migration in the context of economic integration in the Asia-Pacific region: its effects for the sending and accepting countries.

3. The role of the Vietnamese Diaspora and Diasporas from ASEAN in the socio-economic development of Russia, Vietnam and ASEAN countries.

4. Migrant workers from Vietnam and ASEAN countries in the Russian Federation: current issues and the adaptation of legal provisions;

5. Traffic and exploitation of migrant workers in ASEAN, Vietnam and Russia: measures, forms and countermeasures.

6. Educational migration from ASEAN, Vietnam to Russia, new vectors and the role of socio-economic development.

7. The impact of migration on demographic development and reproductive health-sending and accepting countries.

8. Forced and environmental migration in ASEAN, Vietnam and Russia.

Working languages: Russian, Vietnamese and English; Simultaneous translation is provided.


There are no organizational fees for taking part in the conference. By the beginning of the conference the collection of materials will be published. Materials for publication are accepted until September 15th, 2016 (inclusive). Each author receives a free copy of conference materials and program.


The organizers do not pay the travel and accommodation costs of participants.


Those wishing to participate in the conferences, please contact the staff of the Centre of Social Demography and Economic Sociology ISPR:


Professor Sergey Ryazantsev (Russia), E-mail:

and Marina Khramova (Russia), E-mail:

and Nguyen Canh Toan (Viet Nam), E-mail:





Requirements to article


The text of the article is submitted in Word format in Russian or English. The text is typed in Times New Roman, size 14, line spacing 1.5, justified alignment. First line indent - 1 cm.

The total amount of materials (including title, abstract, keywords, text, references): up to 15 pages.

Illustrations are carried out in black and white, and should be of good quality.

The text in the tables: single spaced, size 12.

Examples of drawing tables and figures are presented below.

Links to sources in the text are given in square brackets. References are made in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003. Sources are listed in alphabetical order. All sources of the list of references should be cited in the text.

The numbering of the tables, figures, diagrams, formulas - through.

Presentation of materials are available in one or two languages ​​- Russian and English.

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