Strengthening Social Development Issues for Achieving Social Inclusion in Viet Nam


Pip O’Keefe

Owen Smith

and Michael Crawford

Abstract: The authors examined a number of important issues of social development in Viet Nam, ranging from poverty reduction, social protection to demographic changes, health, education, labour market and migration. The question of today’s Viet Nam is how social policy and institutions can play an equally significant role in achieving the country’s aspirations over the next 20 years. Since Viet Nam now faces the complex demands required for a transition from a lower-middle income to a modern industrialized country, it is crucial to ensure that the country pursues a high but inclusive growth. All require key changes in the role of the central state and that of the sub-national authorities, and adopt innovative approaches to the newly emerging social development issues.

Keywords: Social inclusion, poverty, health, social protection, education, labour market, migration, Viet Nam