Social Trust in the Rural Areas of Poland: Continuity and Change


Piotr Binder

Abstract: Social trust is an important theoretical concept in sociology but often difficult to grasp in the research reality. The article review social conditions of rural areas in present Poland, critically discuss the results of the quantitative research on social trust in Poland, and contemplate on application of qualitative methodology in study of social trust. The analysis indicates that, in social trust research, systematically collected qualitative data in supplement to survey-based research can provide great potential to contextualize the ex- isting results, explain them, sensitize researchers to the limitations of popular indicators and their changing nature. It can be inspirational in search for a new research approaches and more precise tool that well-grounded, but debatable patterns as in case of comparisons between urban and rural areas in Poland that usually present the latter in an unfavorable manner.

Keywords: Poland, social trust, quantitative research, qualitative methodology.