Livelihood Transformation under Urbanization Process of a Tay Ethnic Commune in Vietnam’s Northeast Mountainous Area


Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh

and Nguyen Thu Quynh

Abstract: This article aims to document livelihood changes in a Tay ethnic commune in Vietnam Northeast mountainous area under the urbanization process. The research inves- tigates changes in capital resources, economic structure and adaptative strategies of local people. Its result indicates that the recent urbanization in this mountainous area, although on a smaller scale than in big lowland cities, together with other economic and social policies after Doi Moi, has brought many changes in the socioeconomic life of local people. People are more engaged in the market and urban centers for their intensification of agricultural production and diversification of livelihood. However, in the context that their natural capital has become more and more restricted, their social capital is still limited, with the increase in market competition, the majority of Tay people are slowly adapting to the social change and some of them are being left behind.

Keywords: livelihood transformation, Tay ethnic people, urbanization, Vietnam.