Extension of Social Capital in the Economic Activities of Rural Households in the Red River Delta


Nguyen Duc Chien

Abstract: Based on the empirical data collected at two rural communes in the Red River Delta of Northern Vietnam, the author discusses the expansion and use of social capital in production and business activities of rural households. In the context of Vietnamese society that is changing and integrating into the world, the family is completely exploiting development opportunities, maintaining the traditional social network, and constantly expanding network links. To achieve the goal of developing the household economy, production and trade occurs outside the community and territory. However, research results showed that although the quality of the social capital of the household is low, many production and business networks have been established. Furthermore, there is a lack of trust in the linkages, especially the new linkages with entities outside of the family, community, and national territory. This is considered as an enormous challenge for households in the process of restructuring the industry and developing beyond the household economy to become large farms, enterprises, and production groups in rural Vietnam in transition.
Keywords: Social capital, extension of social capital, transitional period, Vietnam.