“Digital Society”, “Society 5.0”: Urgent Issues Facing Leaders and Managers in Vietnam


Tran Van Huan, Nguyen Huu Hoang and Le Van Gam

Abstract: Society has been undergoing complex transformation from a traditional society to a modern, post-modern society with a new state of social history - “digital society”, “super society 5.0” based on the foundation of technology and digital to help connect things and unprecedentedly transform social life. Reviewing several international and Vietnamese research projects in the past 20 years, paying close attention to comparisons and connections with the the typical context of Vietnam, the article discusses the central issues of a strategic perspective of “digital society” and “society 5.0” (as a version of “digital society”): The history, concept, nature of these two new terms. The article also contributes to outlining and proposing an overall model of digital society in Vietnam by 2030 based on four main pillars.
At the same time, it examines urgent issues and challenges (theoretical and practical) for leaders, managers, and academics interested in considering, researching and solving in the digital transition of the country and building a digital society. The issues discussed in this article are also valuable for reference for countries whose context, culture and development level are similar to Vietnam’s on the journey to building a digital society.

Keywords: Fourth industrial revolution, digital society, society 5.0, Vietnam.