Transformations to the Inclusive and Sustainable World to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals


Phoommhiphat Pongpruttikul

Abstract: People living in almost all regions have a similar goal, which focuses on sustainable development. The sustainable development is highlighted on these following six transformations that could capture on the global, national, and local characteristics (such as technological and behaviour change, economic and cultural transformations, transnational and unilateral governance) and dynamics, and could drive for future positive changes. The six transformations comprise of: i) Human capacity and demography; ii) Consumption and production; iii) De-carbonization and energy; iv) Food, biosphere, and water; v) Smart cities, and vi) Digital revolution. This paper aims to explore and study major transformations towards 2050 and a sustainable world, whilst building global, national, and local economies, wealth creation, poverty reduction, fair distribution, and happiness to societies. The paper also provides visionary that is necessary for future understanding to humanity towards 2050, to the inclusive and sustainable world, which depends heavily on the sustainable development to attaining the human prosperity and social inclusion with the future transformations. The world towards 2050 will be digitally connected, and people can communicate with one another more comfortable and flexible. The process will be more connected and integrated.
Transformations, sustainable development, technology and behaviour change.