Implementing Green Change Top Down: Climate, Energy and Industrial Politics in Vietnam


Markus Lederer, Linda Wallbott, Frauke Urban, Giuseppina Siciliano,

and Dang Nguyen Anh

Abstract: The paper analyses the conditions and forms of sustainability transitions (with a focus on climate, energy, and industrial politics) in Vietnam, seeking to answer the questions what has pushed the country towards a path of a green growth strategy, how it manages related change process and with which effects. We give an overview about different streams of literature, describe our methodological approach and introduce three policy sectors that are specifically relevant for sustainability changes in more detail and trace the progress made regarding the implementation of change in those sectors. We also pay specific attention to the encompassing national green growth strategy and investigate its scope of influence for those domestic processes. Our argument is that we can witness a mixture of top-down environmentalism with some important elements of bottom-up input in Vietnam that fosters low-carbon development and that can be described as a form of “new developmentalism”.

Keywords: Green transformation, climate politics, energy politics, green industrial policy, top-down environmentalism.