Social Knowledge and Boundary Crossing


Alondra Nelson

Editorial note: In November 2018, the InterAsian Conference was held in Ha Noi with the auspice of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and financial support of Social Science Research Council. Dr. Alondra Nelson, the Council’s President, delivered a keynote on the topic of social science development and interdisciplinary research collaboration at the Conference. The Journal of Sociology would like to introduce her speech to and welcome any comments from the readers.

Abstract: Scientific knowledge travels outside the confines of traditional academic institutions. Institutional and temporal boundary-crossing is desirable and can facilitate partnerships in doing sciences. However, partnerships often took shape in terms of researchers from Western institutions traveling to the Global South to use local scholars as data collectors for predefined research questions. Local researchers were asked to hand over hardwon data that was co-opted by researchers from better-connected, Global-North universities. The author suggested the new ethics of collaboration that ensure mutual coproduction of social knowledge and equal benefit for all.

Keywords: Social knowledge, social science, reseach council.