How do Southern Vietnamese Families Satisfy with their Job and Family’s Conditions?


Bui The Cuong

Abstract: By analyzing the empirical data collected in the Southern Key Economic Zone in 2015 and 2017, the author describes the satisfaction with job and family conditions among the people living in this region. The results show that, contrary to the coverage of improvement in living standards, the proportion of job satisfaction in general is only about one third of respondents. In general, the job satisfaction increased from the lower to the higher social stratum. Although better than in job satisfaction, the satisfaction with family’s conditions in the region cannot be said to be optimistic. Only half of respondents satisfy with general family conditions and just over a third is satisfied with living standards. The proportions of satisfaction in terms of housing conditions, employment, and health status of family members are less than half. A bright spot is the satisfaction with harmony in family and relationship to neighbors.

Keywords: Southern Vietnamese family, job satisfaction, satisfaction with family’s conditions, Southern Key Economic Zone of Vietnam.