Human Security in Vietnam: From theory to practice


Dang Xuan Thanh and Dao Thi Minh Huong

Abstract: Despite the widespread of human security research conducted in the globe, the number of studies remain limited and unsystematic in Vietnam. Human security and human development are interlinked rather than independent. Although non-traditional security and human development have been extensively studied, human security remains a new area in Vietnam. The authors examine four essential features of human security (universality, interdependence, early intervention and people-center) and seven dimensions of human security (personal, environmental, economic, political, community, health, and food security). It is necessary to integrate human security in the national policy framework and incorporate the concept into the legal system related to national security. This is essential to build a rule-of-law socialist state of the people, by the people and for the people in Vietnam.

Keywords: human security, national security, human development, Vietnam.