Human Security in the Context of ASEAN Integration


Moe Thuzar

Abstract: The paper refers to the seven dimensions of human security described in the 1994 UNDP report as the lens of analysis. His definition of human security has implications for issues that face ASEAN countries today and encourage them to collaboratively work on a regional consensus. As human development is the main road to human security, in the context of ASEAN, the roadmap is the Bali Concord II, Vientiane Action Programme, and the specific plans of action of the ASEAN Security Community, including ASEAN Economic Community and the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community. Although a regional consensus on the concepts and contents of human security, there is a need to move from concepts to policy and to action among ASEAN because threats to life, liberty and dignity are increasingly found in this region. It is necessary and timely for ASEAN to build a consensus for regional cooperation for human security and treats it as a priority area of development.

Keywords: human security, regional cooperation, integration, ASEAN.