Dropout of School: The Influence of Parental Values and Family Structure


Vu Tuan Huy

Abstract: School dropout is a social problem in many countries, including Vietnam. Using data from a research project funded by the NAFOSTED and carried out in 2015-2016 at five provinces of Vietnam, the analysis found that school dropout is a process and the possibility of dropouts before grade 12 is influenced by many factors. Comparisons by marriage cohorts of respondents show that the cohort married in 1986-1995 is likely to have more children dropout than the cohort married before 1986. Parental education, nu- clear family, parents' control of children, and children’s participation in sport activities are family factors reducing the number of children dropping out of school. In contrast, living in the South and having more children are the factors increasing the amount of school dropouts. However, urbanization and positive attitudes towards modernization are not found to have significant impacts. The results suggest that the issue of school dropout needs fur- ther investigation.

Keywords: dropping out of school, family structure, socioeconomic status, parental value, modernization.